I have always enjoyed the idea of storytelling. I have written and completed a script called, the RoseGate Project. This story starts in 1939 while United States engaged in two super-secret projects. One was the making of the Atomic Bomb. The other was called, “The RoseGate Project”. Coming out of the NSA it would be the backup plan to the atomic bomb. Due to the success of the atomic age, the RoseGate project was cancelled. 75 years later, its back! Our story begins in 1939 and ends in 2023.


The RoseGate Project

Written by Stephen Appel

A fast paced thriller the story takes you from deep inside the NSA to the most corrupt individuals living in the shadows of Washington's most powerful offices. This story takes you across the world and brings you back to one of the most surprised endings of our time.

Girls, Cars and Music

Written by Stephen Appel

The story is mostly autobiographical. It starts in the summer before Junior High School. It was a transformational summer as not only did I discover girls, but the awkwardness that came with it was life changing. Let me share with you the forward of the story.

Stonington 23

Written by Stephen Appel

Stonington 23 takes place in the small and quite town of Stonington CONN. It’s a modern day murder mystery whose main characters are George and Philis Stedson. An elderly couple that have been in a loving marriage for over 45 years. They have lived in 11 states and 22 towns.  Oddly, every state and town where they reside there were 22 unresolved murders. Could they have had anything to do with it? Are they protecting someone? Join me in Stonington to unveil one of the most interesting secrets American crime has ever faced.


Written by Stephen Appel

The dodge brothers, the ford family, the Chrysler family just to name a few were able to design and manufacture product that the world desperately needed. The city in which they live turned into Emerald city. For brief time Detroit would influence the worlds consumption habits. In America, these families were considered Royalty. Find out how this influence was turned against them and how Detroit became a city of decay and decline.

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